Final Exam
Due Date: January 15th / June 15th

E-mail your work to with EXAM - HOL Name (e.g. EXAM - Maxim Trevelyan) in the subject line.

Attachments will NOT be opened. If you include any images in your assignment, please upload them to a site such as Imgur, Tinypic, Photobucket or other and send me the link.

Include your HOL name and House in the body of your email.

There are more than 60 points worth of options below. You can pick which ones you would like to do to achieve them. You will not be awarded more than 60 points for your work, even if you complete all parts of the assignment.

Witch Craze in the 17th Century: 20 points

In your opinion, which of the following contributed MOST to the introduction of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy in 1692? Pick ONE option and defend it in at least 200 words.

  • Increasing numbers of Muggles being burned in mistake for witches.
  • Increasing numbers of witch-burnings.
  • Escalating attempts by Muggles to force witches and wizards to perform magic for Muggle ends.
  • Widespread persecution of wizarding children by Muggles.

Change: 10 points

Which of the following wizarding laws, in your view, stands in most urgent need of change? Explain your choice in at least 100 words. Some further research into laws may be necessary. Please cite all your sources.

  • The detection of underage magic in all-magic households.
  • The ban on goblin possession of wands.
  • The re-classification of centaurs and merpeople.
  • The guidelines on house-elf welfare.

Say What?: 15 points

Put the following letters tiles into correct order to get a quote. Send it to me and tell me who said it.

letter tiles puzzle
letter tiles puzzle

Magical Transport: 10 points

Which mode of transportation would you advise for a young mother traveling with one-year-old twins with a low boredom threshold, her grandmother, who suffers from severe motion sickness, and her husband, who has never mastered the three 'D's? Explain your choice in at least 100 words.

  • Apparition
  • Broomsticks
  • Floo Powder
  • Portkey

Apparition Ad Nauseam: 15 points

After you apparated, you experienced great vertigo, accompanied by strong nausea. Take a few minutes and unscramble the letters to reveal a hidden message. You can send me the solution either as a picture or text.

double puzzle
double puzzle

Not Invisible: 15 points

What problem or a prejudice do you think still exists in the wizarding world that was not covered by the fourth lesson. Explain it to me with examples from the Harry Potter books in no less than 150 words. Please cite all sources that you use.

Free For All: 15 points

This option gives you free rein over what you will cover. You can write a story, research something else, draw or graphic something, anything your heart desires that has to do with subjects that we covered in the lessons. Be creative!

Bonus: 5 points

This part is not mandatory to get the quill, but I will still appreciate your comments. In at least 50 words, write any comments, critiques or thoughts about your participation in the class. What were your expectations, did you like the assignments and so forth. 

You can get 5 points as a bonus (to the 60 from the exam), so you can get the coveted 300 points from the class. If you decide to do this option, know that I can only award up to 300 points. For example, if you have 297 points, I can only award 3, not all 5.