Assignment Three
Due Date: November 30th / April 30th

E-mail your work to with HW3 - HOL Name (e.g. HW3 - Maxim Trevelyan) in the subject line.

Attachments will NOT be opened. If you include any images in your assignment, please upload them to a site such as Imgur, Tinypic, Photobucket or other and send me the link.

Include your HOL name and House in the body of your email.

There are more than 60 points worth of options below. You can pick which ones you would like to do to achieve them. You will not be awarded more than 60 points for your work, even if you complete all parts of the assignment.

Muggle Magical Modes of Transportation: 20 points

Muggle popular culture has various other examples of 'magical modes of transportation'. Give me an example and explain how it compares to the methods discussed in this lesson in no less than 200 words. Please cite all sources that you use.

Apparition: 15 points

Write a short story about an apparition gone wrong in no less than 150 words. If you can, incorporate elements from the lesson.

On a Matter of Portkeys: 15 points

You wanted to travel to India by portkey. However, the governments refuse to cooperate with each other. While you are waiting for bureaucracy, solve this fallen letters puzzle.

fallen letters puzzle
fallen letters puzzle

Fill-in-the-Blanks: 15 points

  • Flying is the _____ method of transportation available.
  • A spell of make an object a Portkey is called '_____'.
  • To travel with Floo, a person must toss _____ _____ into the fireplace that is connected to the network, turning it _____ _____.
  • Focus your _____ to occupy the _____ space.
  • _____ is a popular magical method of transportation that is often equated to _____.
  • One is due to the _____ feeling of 'being forced through a very _____ _____ tube', _____ after Disapparition and _____.

Research: 10 points

The lesson only mentioned four basic modes of magical transport. Research one that I have not mentioned and describe it to me in no less than 100 words. Please cite all sources that you use.

Color Fun: 10 points

Color this page and tell me, what is the significance of the object in regards to the lesson.

coloring page
coloring page

Art: 20 points

Illustrate by hand or a computer program one of the modes of transportation discussed in the lesson. While you may use images from the internet, the graphic or drawing must be your own.